The ezpro app automatically detects and streams video from network cameras, RTSP or HTTP connections, and nearly any other device or media source. Let’s Discuss Ezpro App
Online Home Services App - ezPro Platform
Project Background

Getting your home chores done became simpler with ezPro by LotzAp!

ezPro is a smart software developed by LotzAp team. It provides the users the ease to book experts for various home services, at the comfort of their homes. This on-demand app is specially made by our developers for home services where they can easily get access to the services they need & quickly book an appointment. The software is custom designed with a vibrant theme & easy-to-understand design. ezPro is the perfect marketplace service providing app solution by LotzAp for both service seekers & service providers. The on-boarding features are made simpler & easier, anyone can use the app and book their service slot hassle-free. It also has an SoS alert feature, re-order feature.

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Key Features

Key Features

  • Hassle-free appointment booking
  • Multiple services options to choose from
  • SoS alert feature
  • Easy & Quick to book, even can bookings
  • Simple GUI
  • Simple Search option
  • Attractive design & colour coded theme
  • In-built calendar & Maintenance Log
  • Support & chat features
  • Multiple Secure Online payment available
  • Review your order history & Re-order
  • Feedback options for services acquired
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