World league syndicate enhances Table Tennis' competitive and community experience by utilizing emerging and proven mobile technology. Let’s Discuss WLS - AI for table tennis​

WLS - AI for table tennis is a powerful website developed by LotzAp, along with its super scalable app. The UI is very clear cut and the website is totally compatible with every device.With a user friendly and responsive design, it has fast load time with no extra baggage load. Our developers have designed it in such a smooth & scalable way that it gives 100% browser consistency. The navigation is very effective as well with features to book tables, live scoreboard screen , match results screen , live score sheet & instant league manager.

Easy Learning For Students

Key Features
WLS table tennis​ Platform

Key Features

  • Updated League Flow
  • Rating + Ranking System
  • Effective Navigation
  • Attractive color coded theme
  • Fast Load Time
  • Live Scoreboard, match results integration
Platform Snapshots