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The objective was to build such a web app that would give the users a secure & private platform to share their interests with other people out there. Lotzap took this project & the web app experts initiated the web app development process.

Glogat- A remarkable web app by Lotzap


Glogat is such a platform built by our web app experts where users can create a profile by a smooth signup section on the homepage. The login or signup portal is very well secured. Next once you get to create a profile, you can search your friends over the same platform with extensive search feature. The search bar allows you to even find topics, blogs, discussions, music and videos, sorted by categories. The web app is exceptionally smooth & has great UI.


The design is made simple & easy for the users to surf. You can create your own blogs, topics, discussion sessions, & post it on the platform. Glogat offers ease of connectivity & ability to customize your profiles as you wish. It also allows you to add your other social media handles for your friends & other people to connect. You can find your recent notifications at one place stacked & a constant flow of content by other users on your news feed. 

Key Features

  • Strong privacy & security
  • Easy social media integration
  • Extensive customisable individual profiles
  • Ease of connectivity
  • Easy Post Creation
  • Likes & comment section
  • Social & push notifications
  • Simple GUI
  • Simple Search option
  • Attractive design & colour coded theme
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