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The objective was to build such an app that would give the customers a smart solution by offering them to hire a financial expert. For any need such as tax preparation, accounting/bookkeeping & payroll services.  

LotzAp took the project & built a custom-fit software: QuiqPro. This app is useful both to the customers & the employees who are Financial professionals.

Getting your taxes done became simpler with QuiqPro!

QuiqPro is a smart software developed by Lotzap team. It provides the users ease to hire a financial professional for various tasks at the comfort of their homes. It has a simple & secure sign up & login screen. Easy post option where you can define & explain your job requirements.

QuiqPro is a slick mobile app by LotzAp with incorporated search feature, push notifications, and all the necessary features. It has a beautiful color coded scheme with simple and 100% responsive design. The financial hiring platform app provides high performance and track-in app analytics.

QuiqPro by Lotzap has a secure client portal & an e-file exchange feature. The app has Help & support feature, & secure payment methods.It has a great search option with full accuracy to search by expertise or by city. Easy to post your needs with a simple input form feature. Customizable, powerful yet easy-to-use application with a fast UI to chat.

We have created an intuitive UI for an amazing user experience. Customers are quickly notified once a professional accepts to do their job. The software app has all the necessary features & is super easy and simple to surf. QuiqProis a brilliant & exceptional software made by LotzAp to scale customer base & provide business-driven financial solutions.

Key Features

·        100% responsive

·        Push notifications

·        Fast load screens

·        Easy to book

·        Simple GUI

·        Simple Search option

·        Job Posting, filters according to requirements

·        Attractive design & color coded theme

·        Multiple Online payment modes available

·        Chat & Support


·        Feedback options 

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