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The objective of the app is to give quick ride services to the users directly from their place to anywhere. This app is useful both to the customers & the employees who can have a stable job as a taxi driver.

Your One Click Away Ride- Meru by Lotzap

Meru makes your travel journey simpler, faster & convenient. All you need to do is register yourself with this modest app, with its easy sign-up process. Then, the app will automatically detect your current location for pickup & you can choose your destination with the in-app map or search bar. Then, you get the options to choose your ride as is suitable to you. The app also provides you with the estimated time of arrival of your taxi ride. Our developers have made a user-centric booking process within Meru for the comfort of customers. Meru has push notifications for each of the activities taking place & a completely transparent booking process. With the live track feature, you can see the location of your cab as well. The user interface is made as much smooth as possible for exceptional software experience. You get a detailed ride information & cab type preferences in Meru.

LotzAp has developed Meru with an impressive layout & high intuitive behaviour. Get your go to ride at your doorstep by booking flexibly & hassle-free with Meru app by Lotzap! 

Key Features

  • Multiple ride options
  • Real-Time GPS tracking of your cab
  • Attractive design & colour coded theme
  • User-friendly GUI
  • Quick access to app, quick booking flexibility
  • Effortless sign-up procedure
  • Get the driver’s detailed information
  • Safe & Secure
  • Put up the pickup & drop off location
  • Online payment modes available
  • Rate the driver and give feedback from the app on your cab service


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