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The objective was to build such an app that would give the customers a smart solution by offering many basic home services such as Plumbing, Mechanical repairs, HVAC services, Pest Control etc. at the comfort of your home.

LotzAp took the project & built a custom-fit software: ezPro. This app is useful both to the customers & the employees who have expertise in providing various home services.

Getting your home chores done became simpler with ezPro by Lotzap!

ezPro is a smart software developed by Lotzap team. It provides the users the ease to book experts for various home services, at the comfort of their homes. This on-demand app is specially made by our developers for home services where they can easily get access to the services they need & quickly book an appointment. The software is custom designed with a vibrant theme & easy-to-understand design. ezPro is the perfect marketplace service providing app solution by Lotzap for both service seekers & service providers. The on-boarding features are made simpler & easier, anyone can use the app and book their service slot hassle-free. It also has an SoS alert feature, re-order feature.

You can also schedule services & manage your user profile conveniently. The app has Help & support feature, & secure payment methods. We have created an intuitive UI for an amazing user experience. Customers are quickly notified once their appointment is booked, & the service request is accepted by the experts, catering the home services. The software app has all the necessary features & is super easy and simple to surf. ezPro is a brilliant & exceptional software made by LotzAp to scale customer base.

Key Features

·        Hassle-free appointment booking

·        Multiple services options to choose from

·        SoS alert feature

·        Easy & Quick to book, even can schedule bookings

·        Simple GUI

·        Simple Search option

·        Attractive design & colour coded theme

·        In-built calendar & Maintenance Log

·        Support & chat features

·        Multiple Secure Online payment modes available

·        Review your order history & Re-order

·        Feedback options for services acquired



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